Part #: PK-500A-2

Outside Diameter 300mm
Inside Diameter 29mm
Height 500mm
Micron 3-5 Micron
Machine Type Mitsubishi, Hitachi
Filter Type Wire
Mitsubishi Compatible Model DWC-300M, DK3000, WC110F, WC200F, SX Series, SX1, SX10, SX10P, SX2, SX20, SX20P, H55WC6, H55WC6, SX1, SX10, SX2, SX20, SX20P
Hitachi Compatible Model H-CUT304-N, H-CUT304-P, H-CUT304-S, H-CUT304-HP, H-CUT406-N, H-CUT406-B, H-CUT406-P, H-CUT406-AWF, H-CUT406-S, H-CUT460
Filters per Box 2
Price Per Box: $160.00
Price Per Filter (2 Per Box): $80.00
All of our Filters are supplied in boxes in the quantity shown. Orders must therefore be in multiples of that quantity. Prices shown are per Filter.