About Us

Who We Are

Peak Machine Tools (PMT) was established in 2002, by Steven Crouch. We are a family owned business dedicated to the EDM industry. 

Steven has been working in the EDM industry since 1996, expanding and opening his business beyond wires and filters to include graphite, wear parts, and resin. With the growing industry, we work with customers throughout the US and the Caribbean. We are dedicated to maintaining quality products at the best price, with our supplies going through rigorous testing to meet our standards. 

In 2020, we opened offices in Pennsylvania, run by Collin Hertzler, to better accommodate and satisfy our customers. Collin has worked in the industry for over a decade and has been featured in Mold Making Technologies.  He, like PMT, is constantly looking forward to seeing American manufacturing paving new roads. 

Customer service is of the highest priority. When a customer calls they are talking to the president directly, and their order or question will be dealt with immediately.

The Peak Machines Family


Steven Crouch

Steven is President of Peak Machine Tools. Steven has many years of experience in engineering sales and is responsible for all sales and technical support for the company. Steven is always available to answer technical questions and also to give price and availability of product.

John Crouch

John is an engineer with many years of experience in management and sales and he is responsible for sales and technical support. John is also always available to answer any technical questions and can advise as to the product needed if the customer is unsure.