Part #: PK-340FK-2

Outside Diameter 340mm
Inside Diameter 46mm
Height 300mm
Micron 3-5 Micron
Machine Type Mitsubishi, Makino, Hitachi, Seibu
Filter Type Wire
Mitsubishi Compatible Model CX Series, CX10, CX20, CX2, FX Series, FX10, FX20, FX30, FX-K Series, QA, RA, FX Series, FX-K Series, FX10, FX20, FX30, RA, QA
Hitachi Compatible Model CUT203R, CUT203Y, CUT254, CUT254RS, CUT254RH, CUT254Y, CUT355, CUT355R, CUT355RS, CUT355RH, CUT355Y, CUT203M20, CUT203Q20, CUT203F2
Makino Compatible Model EC-32, EC-64, U-53, U-32, U-53K, U-32K, SP43, SP-64, U32i, U52i, U86, UH-2, UP32i, UP53i, UPH-1, UPH-2, UPJ-2
Seibu Compatible Model EW-A5, EW-C3, EW-C5S, M350S, M500S, M750S, EWP-B3S3, MA Series, MMA Series
Filters per Box 2
Price Per Box: $170.00
Price Per Filter (2 Per Box): $85.00
All of our Filters are supplied in boxes in the quantity shown. Orders must therefore be in multiples of that quantity. Prices shown are per Filter.