Part #: PK-09

Outside Diameter 260mm
Inside Diameter 46mm
Height 280mm
Micron 15 Micron
Machine Type Makino
Filter Type Sinker
Makino Compatible Model ED330, EDGE1, EDGE2, EDGE 3, EDNC Series, EDNC106, EDNC106W, EDNC156, EDNC156W, EDNC2015-2H, EDNC207, EDNC22, EDNC32, EDNC32A16, EDNC32AB, EDNC32H, EDNC40, EDNC43, EDNC64, EDNC64A8, EDNC64H, EDNC6585, EDNC85W, EH, EH30, EM, EM30, EM330, H2, H3, EH, H1, H1
Filters per Box 2
Price Per Box: $56.00
Price Per Filter (2 Per Box): $28.00
All of our Filters are supplied in boxes in the quantity shown. Orders must therefore be in multiples of that quantity. Prices shown are per Filter.